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Tell me this, when you get asked “what do you want to do next year” what’s your reaction?

*Eyes roll involuntarily into the back of your head. Why can’t people ask about the latest GoT episode*
*Stomach drops. You wish you knew the answer but you just don’t*
*You know your exact answer and impress people with your super clear sense of direction*

While a bit of GoT chat makes for some healthy conversation, deep down you might wish you had an answer. So, to help you get a little closer to option number three, here is a bunch of information about the jobs that are a thing now and the ones that will be a thing in a few years’ time (for those who are thinking about further study).

Which jobs are popular now?

It turns out there’s this thing called the Occupation Matrix and it can tell you a lot about jobs. Almost 12 million Australians are employed, and most of them work in the following five occupations.

FACT: More than half the total growth in employment over the next five years will come from Health Care and Social Assistance (increasing by 250,500), Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (126,400), Construction (120,700) and Education and Training (116,200).

The rising and falling

In the last five years, the occupations that have been booming came from a range of industries. The winners include anything creative, emotive or people-focused. But, if digital can do it better – the job is likely to disappear. The top five occupations in decline were mostly made up of manual, repetitive or low-skilled roles.

FACT: You’re going to need to get creative. Creativity will become one of the top three skills by 2020. It’s how you’ll benefit the most from all this new tech, innovative products, and different ways of working.

What do I have to do to get a sweet pay day?

Alright, let’s get down to business. It’s not nice when you go to pay for something and literally have to hold your breath hoping your card gets approved. So, if you’re looking for big financial rewards in life, you’re going to have to work for it. Below are the fastest growing high-paying jobs… You see all that navy below – that’s the percentage of jobs that require post-school qualifications.

FACT: You’re going to need some work experience. More than half of all vacancies require some level of experience research has shown. Luckily UOW has entire subjects where you go out and gain practical experience as part of your degree.

As for the future…

Put away that $50 you were going to spend on a psychic because you can see the future right here (you’re welcome). A bunch of Employment Projections have also been done by the Department of Employment, so you can get an idea of which jobs will continue onwards and upwards and which ones will go backwards and downwards.

FACT: Be adaptable, like a willow tree. By 2020, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be in full-swing. This means more robots, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, machines that can learn and advancements in biotechnology. Many of the skills (35%) considered important now will change, but you can change too!

What will be hot

Think: ‘what can’t a robot do?’
Some answers include jobs which require people skills, compassion, care, creativity, emotion – these careers will continue to grow in the future.  And (sorry again) but more and more of these career paths are going to require some sort of qualification. The top 5 occupations expected to grow are:

FACT: Qualifications matter. Most of the employment growth over the past five years has been in occupations that generally require post-school qualifications, including university, TAFE and VET courses.

What will not

This will come as no surprise. In the next few years, all of your old-school professions will continue to rapidly decline thanks to the automation and digitisation of the workforce.

FACT: You can do this. While science and tech is revolutionising the way we work, Australia has survived and thrived through industrial revolutions in the past. And, while robots are on the rise, they still have some way to go…

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