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The life-force of water and its erosive power have dictated the shape and structure of the Flinders Ranges over the past 540 million years.

Located some 250 kilometers from Adelaide and stretching over 430 kilometers, the rugged landscape is bathed in warm colours that constantly change intensity depending on the time of day.

If someone where to say there is a connection between geology and photography I would have to question their logic. But Geoscientists and artists alike come to the Flinders Ranges for the same reason. Rocks.

After tagging along on a recent field trip to the outback mountain range with a group of local and international geoscientists, that included academics and students from the University of Wollongong and the University of Colorado I now would have to agree, maybe there is a touch of geology in photography.

This photo essay investigates the organic forms and course textures of the Australian outback along with the students and academics that came to interpret and investigate the Ranges geological secrets.

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