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Inspired by Sydney’s Vivid extravaganza, UOW photographer Paul Jones collaborated with students from the Faculty of Creative Arts to create the University of Wollongong’s own take on the festival of light.

If you happened to be wandering through UOW’s main campus during the Queens Birthday long weekend you may have noticed giant art projections on buildings, trees and walkways.

“At first I was thinking about painting the town, or should I say, the university, red. Then I had the idea of a collaboration with creative art students. I think the results are brilliant,” Jones says.

Jones photographed a range of student art works ranging from graphic designs to oil paintings. Then armed with a tripod, camera, computer, projector and an 80-metre long electrical cord, he went about projecting the art works on university buildings and objects.

“I was very surprised how many people are wandering around the uni at night. People would stop, look and ask questions. Hearing the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, was brilliant. It sort of makes it all worthwhile,” he says. Jones has been working at the University for the past three years.

Buildings, trees and lawns where transformed into trippy kaleidoscopes. One of the favourites was the glowing, bulging eyeballs staring at passers-by from the duck pond fig tree.

“Maybe this is the start of something new for the University. An outdoor gallery of extraordinary lighting sculptures. Next year we’ll have to come up with something even bigger and better. Stay tuned,” Jones says.

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