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Another year has passed and as we break out the Christmas cheer and wonder where the last 12 months have disappeared to, it’s time to reflect on 2017 at the University of Wollongong.

Remarkable discoveries. Medical breakthroughs. Academic excellence. The next generation of leaders and innovators. It was a tremendous year at UOW, with 2017 heralding some of the best and brightest moments in the University’s history. Through it all, UOW’s photographer Paul Jones has captured the people, the places and the moments that have contributed to the kaleidoscope of campus life.

Take a scroll down memory lane and relive 2017 through the photographer’s lens.


Hundreds of young students descended on UOW for the annual Learning Labs

ANCORS researcher Professor Robin Warner detailed her life devoted to the sea

PhD student Nicholas Martin shared his love of, and research into, the world of bees.


Why are we so captivated by true crime? Associate Professor Mitch Byrne from the School of Psychology helped us unravel the mystery

Thousands of new student begin their tentative steps into university life with the annual O Week celebrations

UOW’s incredible female science researchers, including Dr Kara Perrow, shared their stories

Alumnus Andy Gray on why he is inspired to protect our oceans

The new Crawlers’ Beach activity space opened at UOW’s Early Start Discovery Centre


Are we prepared for bushfires? Our researchers have their say

It turns out women are just as sweaty as men. Who knew?

How elite athletes cope with life after the game


Renowned author Kathy Lette received an honorary doctorate during the April graduation celebrations

We capture the world of Alison Brown, a UOW curatorial intern

Evidence from an archaeological site in San Diego, California, changed our understanding of the arrival of humans in North America


The fine line between freediving and death. Associate Professor Michael Adams went deep

PhD student Rachelle Balez set sail for her greatest adventure: Antarctica Born from the ocean


PhD student Celeste Coltman won a major award for her research into the performance of sports bras

How do we put a face on the past? We asked facial anthropologist Dr Susan Hayes

UOW came to life during the dark months of winter with our own interpretation of Vivid

UOW researchers revealed a new type of steel coating for use in hospitals and the marine industry

We gave you a handy guide to finding your tribe at UOW


“Don’t ever stop questioning.” That was Margret Schuller’s advice after graduating with a PhD at the age of 71

Law student Mick Bainbridge shared his journey from the battlefields of Afghanistan to UOW


AUSCCER researchers explore the world of sustainable timbers for guitars

Children demonstrated their understanding of dementia through art with the launch of Project DARE

UOW researchers asked the question: do battery-powered cars have a place on our roads?


AUSCCER researchers explore the world of sustainable timbers for guitars

Kirli Saunders is blazing a trail through the world of Indigenous storytelling

How UOW Bega is creating hometown opportunities for students


We explore how community gardens help refugees to adapt to their new homes

Student Kimberlee Brooker is determined to use the law to make a difference 

UOW researchers explored the big questions facing our world at the 2017 Big Ideas Festival

The challenges of maintain a long-distance love when you work far away from home


UOW creative arts students pushed the boundaries of art, politics and emotion in their annual show

How a fibre-optic sensor could change the way we treat brain tumours

PhD student Kye Adams said sharks and rays are at greater risk from human activity than researchers previously thought


Who are we? UOW researchers used census data to explore multiculturalism in marriage

Siobhan O’Brien was a standout at the summer graduations, receiving the University Medal for her academic achievements

Professor Chris Cook farewelled UOW after more than three decades

Hundreds of the Illawarra’s refugees experienced life at UOW during the annual Family Fun Day

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