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A student talking to UOW staff at an expo

Career expo season is upon us and it attracts all types. Some come to ask questions, some to mingle, others are there completely against their will. But all will hopefully leave with a clearer idea of what their future may hold. So, which one are you?

The Career Planner

You’re the type of student who already has their future mapped out. You know which university you want to go to, what you want to study, how long it will take, how much you’ll make as a graduate and what train you’ll have to catch to your first job.

Our tip: It’s great to have a plan, but keep asking questions and be sure to keep your eyes open for other opportunities and pathways to your dream career.

The Sampler

If it’s free, it’s got your name on it. You’re the student who will take every booklet, freebie and branded water bottle you can get your hands on. Sure, you’ll have to shuffle around the expo floor under the weight of your self-inflicted burden, but it’s worth it.

Our tip: Information is power, so be sure to read (and recycle) those brochures. They are a great way to compare your options and find the one that’s right for you.

The Passenger

You’re just along for the ride. Either your parents have dragged you along in an attempt to get you excited about your future or you’re there as part of a compulsory school trip. Your interest level flatlined before you walked inside, but you are known for asking the tough questions, such as “when’s lunch?”

Our tip: Get involved! These expos are full of amazing career options. Look around for something that interests you and just start by saying hello. And be sure to enjoy lunch. 

The Ninja

No one has ever seen you physically standing at a booth, but you sure have a lot of brochures under your arm. Timing your approach to perfection, you ensure those manning the stand are distracted so you can collect all the brochures you need without ever having to interact with anyone.

Our tip: Brochures are a great start, but having a quick conversation can provide so much more insight. Don’t be afraid to ask a question (there are no stupid ones). The people at the UOW stand are there to help, not to sell you steak knives.

The Pack

In moments of uncertainty like this, you like to stay in a larger group. There’s usually a leader who makes the executive decisions about which booths to stop at. The rest of the pack are usually happy to just cruise along.

Our tip: Sure, there is safety in numbers, but don’t be afraid to break free of the pack and follow your own instincts. This is your future and you’re in control.

The Social Butterfly

You go to career expos with only one goal in mind: mingle. You already know what other schools are going that day and can be seen swapping snapchat usernames with anyone you happen to bump into.

Our tip: Use those social skills to talk with the staff and students of the universities you might be interested in. Add the unis to your social feeds to get an insight into what it will be like to be a student there.

The Zombie

You walk around aimlessly until someone or something grabs your attention. But once your interest is piqued there’s no stopping you.

Our tip: Career expos can be a little overwhelming. Read about the 9 questions to ask at a careers market and you’ll be prepared to get the most out of the day.

If you’d like to know where you can pick up some free UOW stuff (and advice), check out the UOW events page for upcoming info nights and expos.


All story credit to first-year Bachelor of Communications & Media student, Josh Crawley.

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