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Free stuff, cheap stuff, nanna naps and new skills: treat yourself to the top 12 UOW hacks as told by students.

Hack #1: Free stuff at UOW MakerSpace

3D print anything you want FOR FREE, play VR games every day FOR FREE, embroider anything onto your clothes FOR FREE. There are plenty of free things available in UOW MakerSpace (located in library ground level).

It doesn’t matter what degree you’re studying or your skill level, take an induction and start playing around with a range of technology.

Hack #2: Cheap flicks

From blockbusters to critically-acclaimed arthouse films, catch a UniMovie on a Wednesday or Thursday for $7. Check out what’s on during the week and set a (cheap) date with your mates.

Find some cheap entertainment at UniMovies. Photo: Paul Jones

Hack #3: Rise and Shine Breakkie Bar

Whether you prefer a savoury bite of eggs and toast, or muesli and yoghurt, UOW Wellbeing has got you covered with free breakfast from 8am to 10am, in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and during study vacations and exam weeks. Not all heroes wear capes!

The only thing better than a cooked breakfast is one that’s FREE. Photo: Johannah Collins

Hack #4: Reward yo’self

When your stomach says “yes” but your bank account says “no” why not meet in the middle? UOW’s UniLife membership gives you discounts for food, gigs and events across campus and automatically puts you in the draw to win goodies.

You should also download the Rewardle App. Scan your card at participating venues to accumulate your points or redeem them for a free coffee among other freebies.

Hack #5: Mates rates (free) parking

What’s better than a bit of carpool karaoke on the way to uni? ‘3 for free’ parking means you get a free park that’s a two-minute walk from class. Just make sure you’ve got at least three people on board.

A student arrives at UOW in her car.

Grab two mates on your way to uni to get three for free parking.

Hack #6: Lost and found

UOW has a huge, beautiful campus – which can occasionally mean getting lost.

If only there were an easy way to get around, like a virtual map that lets you know the route and how far away from the building you are, maybe even how long it takes to get there… oh wait, the ‘Lost on Campus’ app does exactly that.

The Lost on Campus app on a smartphone.

Lost on Campus is the best way to find your way around. Photo: Johannah Collins

Hack #7: The car + bus combo

Find a stop along one of the free bus routes. Park for free and take the short bus ride to uni. There is plenty of parking, it takes two minutes and it’s free!

A map of the UOW free shuttle bus routes.

Mix and match your transport options for the cheapest trip to class. Here are the free shuttle bus routes.

Hack #8: Cheap eats

At any food outlet, it’s always good to keep an eye on prices later in the day when discounts start to pop up. Boost Juice also does an online discount. Place your order using the Boost app and get your juice around 50 cents cheaper than ordering over the counter.

The Boost Juice app on a smartphone

Finding a cheap feed is all about the apps and the timing. Photo: Cuong Lam

Hack #9: Fruitful donations

Forgot your wallet? Didn’t pack enough food for the day? Score yourself some cheap fruit from Panizzi.

Located under the library, you can easily pick up some fruit by providing a small donation to a charity chosen by Panizzi. It’s as simple as that! You get rid of your spare change, and you’ve scored yourself a super cheap snack.

A donation jar surrounded by fruit at Panizzi cafe on campus at UOW.

It’s the fruit that’s both good for your stomach and your conscience. Photo: Peiyi Tan

Hack #10: Safety first after a long study sesh

Late night study session in the 24/7 section of the library? You can call UOW Security for a safety escort if you are returning to your car or walking to the bus stops on campus after dark. Another good tip is downloading the SafeZone app, which enables you to contact security if you, or someone near you, needs help and to keep up-to-date with the security news or alerts.

A student looks up the SafeZone app on mobile.

There are a range of safety and support services you can utilise as a student at UOW. Photo: Peiyi Tan

Hack #11: Get clubbin’

If you moved from high school and are separated from your squad, or you are a student who was focusing on studies and are now feeling you’re not involved enough, pick one or more UniClubs and find people that you share passions with.

Hack #12: Nanna naps (last but not least)

If you feel tired after getting up bright and early for that 8.30am lecture, and your next class isn’t for three hours, don’t be afraid to head to the lounge in Building 11, where you can use the wellbeing sleep pod, massage chair, or snuggle into a beanbag. That way you’ll feel a bit more revived before your next class (make sure to stick an alarm on your phone though).

A massage chair available to students at UOW Wellbeing.

Unwind on the massage chair at UOW Wellbeing.

Hacks contributed by UOW students:
Alex Pham
Rachel Tidbury
Mohammad Zoubai
Cuong Lam
Soutara Potter

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