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We look back at the hopes and dreams of UOW students from 2008 and ask: where are they now?

Geoff Rooney
Senior Manager with EY (Formally known as Ernst & Young)
Bachelor of Commerce (Dean’s Scholar) (Accounting and Financial Planning)

A comparison between Geoff in 2008 and 2018Ever since he started his own lawn mowing business as a 10-year-old, Geoff knew his future would be in business (full 2008 profile below).

“I started at EY while still at university and now am a Senior Manager in our Sydney Financial Services Office,” Geoff says. “My experience has cut across auditing, financial accounting, compliance and risk advisory for financial institutions.”

While Geoff has been with EY since before he graduated, it hasn’t stopped him gaining experience and progressing his career.

“I have had many different roles over my career, despite staying with the same firm,” he says. “Each has presented new challenges from both a content and client perspective. No two days are ever the same and there is never a risk of getting bored.”

Geoff believes the skill of analysing information and coming to a justified conclusion is one of the most valuable things he took away from uni, and something he uses every day.

“There were many jobs that I had never heard of while I was at uni. I’ve found the generic skills you learn are what you need the most, as well as skills that are specific to a certain role or job,” he says. “With the ever-increasing use of technology, the nature and style of jobs will be constantly changing, so these are the skills will help you adapt.”

For those deciding what career path to pursue, Geoff believes you should try to have a goal in mind, but also be open to making mistakes and changing those plans along the way.

“Choose something that you have an interest in, but also think about the career it could lead to,” he says. “Don’t be scared to make mistakes and get critical feedback from people, as this is the best way to learn.”

So where does Geoff see himself in another 10 years? “I would love to still be working with people to understand and solve business problems to build a better working world.”

Geoff Rooney’s 2008 Student Profile

Geoff Rooney's 2008 Student Profile

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