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 We look back at the hopes and dreams of UOW students from 2008 and ask: where are they now?

Karla Horlyck
Partner & Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist with Coast Allied Health
Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science and Nutrition)
Master of Science (Nutrition, Dietetics and Exercise Physiology)

Profile Image of Karla HorlyckWith a fear of blood but a passion for helping others, Karla came to UOW and set her sights on a career that would help reduce lifestyle diseases, such as obesity (full 2008 profile below). Fast forward ten years and Karla is working her dream job as a dietitian and exercise physiologist.

“It’s a lot different to what I was dreaming in 2008,” Karla says. “I’ve definitely changed my mind about wanting to work exclusively with kids. I have my own children now and getting them to eat the right thing is hard enough. I actually work far more now with middle-aged and older adults.”

Not content with just finding her dream job, Karla gained experience working for the Heart Foundation and Royal Hobart Hospital before setting her sights on opening her own clinic.

“I took some very carefully calculated risks – which was really difficult considering I’m very risk adverse,” she says. “When other young couples were buying houses, my partner and I invested our house deposit into a new business.”

It was the most influential career decision she has ever made. One that took a lot of research, planning, teamwork and a huge investment of time. But ultimately it was a decision that has paid off with Coast Allied Health winning the Outstanding New Shoalhaven Business award in 2013.

“I love both the freedom and challenges that come with being my own boss. I also have an excellent work/life balance and get to live in a beautiful coastal town,” she says.

Even after this success, Karla is still keen to learn and has goals of returning to university in the near future.

“I enjoy learning new things and am already considering getting involved in research or completing a business degree,” she says.

Karla Horlyck’s 2008 student profile

a scan of Karla's 2008 student profile

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